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In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

23 July 2017 - 02:06 PM

Have you or Draco ever went to official blizzard forums and told about problems custom map maker are facing with each patch they make? If so, did you ever got a response?

In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

16 July 2017 - 07:37 AM

i'm using garena total for years, maybe you should try it. http://www.garenatotal.com/en/

In Topic: can we get aghs effects for more ulties

30 June 2017 - 09:17 AM

I had an idea for alche ulti while ago but I forgot to post it.


As much as i remember it was something like this; When you activate rage an acid spray would appear around you and follow you where every you go for the end of duration. Just like scorched earth works.

In Topic: When will the new map lod release ?

20 June 2017 - 08:55 AM

1) months

Damn, was hoping it would be sooner. :(

2) a) Plan for Kraken shell currently is that it will work similarly to how stacking damage block in WC3 originally works. Something similar to buying two stout shields, where the 2nd one doesn't simply add damage block on top, but is reduced by a certain amount. What this means is that it'll be nerfed.

Sorry I wasn't precise enough, I wanted to know more about a part that removes negative buffs. Is it possible to put some small CD on that, e.g. once every 4 sec? Right now with enough HP you can dispel anything they throw at you, it is really hard to stop/disable someone unless you silver edge him.

Other interesting notes: Currently we plan to introduce original spell cast points (or cast animation), as it is in DotA 2. This means that LoD further normalizes itself to DotA standards.
0 Cast point (cp) heroes will be nerfed (if using spells that have a higher cast point), but normal cast point / high cast point heroes will roughly remain the same. E.g. raze spam with a hero like Wisp will work just like it did in DotA. This allows us to buff razes (as to dota 6.88 standard) without keeping mind a randomized factor like 0 cp hero model.
Easy explanation example: Fissure will have a 0.69 cast point no matter if your hero is Wisp or Earthshaker or Silencer, etc. Tether, Toss, Avalanche, etc. will have a 0 cp regardless if you're Wisp, Tiny, Pit Lord or Rooftrellen.

Altogether, this will achieve less overpoweredness by single hero models, as well as huge irregularities like casting 3 razes in 1 second, simply because you had the luck to get a good hero model.

I kind of like this, but I have to agree with Burnt on part that will nerf caster.

In Topic: When will the new map lod release ?

18 June 2017 - 02:34 PM


While we are waiting for new map can you at least give us some insight on two things:

1st, rough time of release. Are we talking about weeks, months? Or what percentage of the map is done?

2nd, since you almost never reply to topics of our suggestions about balance, something new or a re-works, can you at least tell us what have you done with the following spells: Kraken shell, Relocate, Ball lightning, Mystic flare+essence aura (or Mystic flare alone) and illusions generally?