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4 new spells

04 March 2017 - 12:23 PM



If it is possible can you add/make following spells:


- Strength morph, allows you to turn STR into INT and vice versa.


- Intelligence morph, allows you to turn INT into AGI and vice versa


- STR Essence shift, each attack give you 3 str, enemy loses 1 of each attribute


- INT Essence shift, each attack give you 3 int, enemy loses 1 of each attribute


Of course non of these could be picked with others, just like with current morph and essence we have.





How about these for the next version?

23 February 2017 - 05:58 PM

Hi, here are some suggestions that I would like you to comment and possibly implement in next map version.


  • Relocate scepter upgrade: remove current upgrade (30 sec cd) and give it something else. Unfortunately I don't have any ideas but current bonus makes players play from fountain area taking no risk at all. You can get everywhere and help gank or push, yourhp and mana are constantly full. Kind of dull.


  • Ball Lightning: put a cd of 1 or 2 sec. Heroes with 0 cast time are impossible to stun or silence.


  • Greed: IMO it is really op. With right skills you can farm full inventory within 25 mins. My suggestion would bes to reduce gold cap and bounty rune multiplier.


  • Land mines: if it is possible to code, can you make it that blade mail works on them for the first 1-2 seconds after casting? After those few secs BM wont work.


  • Poison Nova: my problem with this spell is that projectile speed is too slow. You can outrun it with decent movement speed. Can you speed it up a little bit?


  • Eye of Skady: since it doesn't say I suppose cold attack slows MS/AS the same for ranged and melee heroes. It would be nice if effect for melee heroes is slightly greater than for ranged.


  • Greater bash: same like Eye of Skadi, it would be nice that chance is greater for melee heroes.


  • Vampiric aura: also reduced values for ranged heroes, like Vladimir's LS aura, maybe 12%, 16%, 20%, 24%?


  • Cold Feet: re-scale mana cost per lvl, 150 mana is too much for first lvl, amybe 90, 110, 130, 150 mana?


  • Arcane orb: re-scale mana as well, maybe 70, 80, 90, 100?


  • Pulse nova: I would like to see slow effect removed because this skill is strong as it is. Besides this, slight increase of mana cost peer lvl would be nice IMO. With Aghanim's you can deal 1000 damage for only 60 mana per sec. Ain't that too much?


  • Voodoo from Rhasta and Lion: one lasts 4 sec and has 12 sec cd while other lasts 3.5 sec and has 13 sec cd, no logic at all. Either increase Lion's voodoo cd or decrease Rhasta's.


  • Thunder clap and Earthshock: Ursa's spell has more than twice lower cd and mana cost but has same slow effect and almost the same damage. Some balance between the two would be nice otherwise no point picking Thunder clap over Eatrhshock.


  • Avalanche: a bit lower cd, maybe 13- 14 sec, and if necessary lower damage like other aoe stuns got nerfed.