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In Topic: New game mode

04 January 2018 - 03:14 PM

In iran and sa on rgc, they do play other modes occassionaly beside these two.

In Topic: New game mode

04 January 2018 - 02:17 PM

From where I play, the most popular modes are MD and ru6. MD does give balanced gameplay, but the skills picked are almost the same every game. Ru6 is quite enjoyable since you get to pick different skills and hero models, but can be imbalance and get one sided when one team gets the superior set of skills(eg. Essence ball, troll swipe, mc wrath, etc). Ofc this is under the assumption that both team have equal playing skills, and the game winner is decided by lottery.

In Topic: ye olde spells

23 December 2017 - 05:47 AM

While we're at it, try to add:

1. Avatar of vengeance skills (mainly vengeance)

2. Old spell of morphling which allowed it to switch attribute from str->int->agi.

3. Old shrapnel that has no dps and charges.

4. Lycan summon wolves should have their old bash as a synergy upgrade @lvl4.

5. Visage's old 8 revenants as ultimate.

In Topic: -Bind Update

12 October 2017 - 11:35 PM

Skills such as pulse nova and chakram tend to move in another spot when active, this also moves the location of other skills sabotaging the -bind command while such skills are active.

In Topic: Some nerfs and buffs for balance. From much experiense with pro players.

03 September 2017 - 01:43 PM

1. Ice blast is just fine as it is. Its actually quite underpicked.

2. The thing is, it takes 6 seconds to cast supernova, more than enough time to tp back to base.

3. I agree on this one.

4.Rearm is one of the most fun spells to play with when playing as a caster. It's not an auto win spell, hell MC Wrath is more annoying. A few tweaks on casting time, mana cost and cooldown would be better to keep variety in spell picking.

5. Another underpicked spell that shouldn't be touched.

6. Giving it a cooldown just makes the skill quite useless. The mana cost is a great balance feature of this spell that is why it's not abused.

7. Or just make it like in lod dota2.

8. It's better at lvl3 most of the time esp at late game where more heroes get beefier and could probably counter this skill. Dmg per lvl is fine but the mana cost of activating or the per second burn should be adjusted especially at lvl1 where it costs very little. With regards to the slow, I think 10% at all levels should be fine or just keep it as it is.

9. A weak spell imo that should get a more interesting agh buff instead of just pulses. Nerfing this would make this even more underpicked or not picked at all.

10. No comment. :P

11. Yep the skill is very strong, but it only works exceptionally if you are going for a tank build. I'd hate to see one of my fave passives to be nerfed. :D

12. No comment.

13. It should actually be way larger or be made to follow the caster just like scorged earth.

15. Totally agree on this one, not just on the dps but stuns and slows as well.

17. Agree on the aura reduction but not on the stackability. Also reduce the crit multiplier on this one.