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Ban whiteboard in this forum

21 March 2017 - 12:41 PM

When I first came to the forum, the way he talked made me think he was staff here. But after all his whining and the fact that nothing changed after told the truth - rather than helping the community, he flooded the site with tear and shit talk.


He sometimes reminds me of Jiminy_Cricket because they both criticize lod s6 mode. The only difference is Jiminy plays it and Whiteboard doesn't. We used to troll Jiminy because he whined a lot about imbalanced skills/combos in a fun map. But we always respect him because he's been playing this mode and tried his very best to make the map better regardless all the laughter from others.


This Whiteboard, however, doesn't play s6 mode at all. Search his posts you will find the most often comment he made is: "s6 is a crap mode and I will never change my mind". These replies are biased and stubborn rather than beneficial to any thread in the forum.


Recent example of his posts: http://legendsofdota...me-suggestions/


Please ban him for a month or so and let all of us have cleaner forum.


- Regards, Burnt.

ENT September LoD Tournament! Prize Updated ($500)!

30 August 2016 - 12:05 PM

UPDATED INFORMATION Tourney will be held in September 23

Warlord1994 is Happy to announce: the first ever ultimate LOD tournament is sponsored by MaverickRohan and Authorized by ENT is happening.
I believe the echo of this tournament will be remembered as the best legacy of Legends of Dota. As ENT community have the top tier Lod dota players at the moment. It will be the ultimate heart wrecking battle . Let REKTTTTT !!!
ENT Lod tournament # 1
 will be held in September 23 (can be change prior date)
ENT LOD Tournament #1
General information:
Map :
 DotA v6.85i LoD 
Mode : 5vs5 -sds6bod2fn ( could change to 4vs4 prior tournament upon majority vote)
 Best of one, except for finals which is best of three.
Double Elimination Tournament.
http://www.printyour... ... ation.html
Win Conditions:
 Throne is destroyed.
Prizes: $500 (ENT will reward the winner though any donation and sponsorship will be great)
Rules/ Miscellaneous: 

• Combination of Rearm + Phantasm is banned.
• Octarine orb with artic burn is banned.
• picking Manabreak is banned
• DotA LoD glitch ban rule applies to the tournament unless explicitly abrogated by the tourney rules.
• Swapping hero is not allowed ( everyone must play their own draft)

For more information please visit Ent wiki:
 http://wiki.entgamin... ... Tournament

Registration is closed in September 20.

You can go ahead and signup first and adding additional members later.
looking for team?: 
click here

Anyone who is interesting in streaming the tournament please contact Warlord1994 through private message.


Link to the above information:


Relocate + ball lightning

25 July 2016 - 09:20 PM

Sounds weak but hella stronk


Anyone share some insights?

Question about MC+Whirling Death

30 June 2016 - 07:35 PM

Skill desc:
Cast Animation: 0+0
Radius: 300
Damage: 100/150/200/250
Main Attribute Reduction: 15%
Attribute Reduction Duration: 14



For example for an Axe with 100 strength:


If Whirling Death (timbersaw 1st) multicasts 4X, when the 2nd cast triggers, axe's strength temporarily becomes 100*(1-15%) = 85

So does the 2nd, 3rd, 4th casts reduce strength further based on:


1) 100 (remaining str = 100-15-15-15-15 = 40)

2) remaining str (remaining str = 100*0.85*0.85*0.85*0.85 = 52.2)


Any idea? well first of all, does it mc? lol