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In Topic: When will the new map lod release ?

20 June 2017 - 06:44 PM

I don't really get the argument here, unless you play -ap or with a very high tavern number. You only have 11 hero model choices in most cases, and if there's more choice through more taverns, you compete with enemy and allied players (who clicks the best hero model fastest deciding the game is unacceptable). In these high tavern/ap modes, balance is impossible anyway, as you can always make an absolutely imbalanced hero every game, instead of only once every 10 games in sd/md modes.

Also what's that garbage with "pit lord casting rage in 0 cp, with fireblast 0.3 cp"? It was this way in dota and it perfectly works. Stacking stuns is too good in LoD anyway, but regardless, Rage as a sole factor is already nerfed. I see where you're getting at, carries are too overpowered if casters have less time to react, which I wholeheartedly agree with. The snowballing of the game, where some heroes get max attack speed and 150 damage per hit in a 20 minute game from 1000 range away is another problem I'd like to solve. It's definitely not a good experience to get mowed down in a matter of 2 seconds without any chance to react.

I play on ENT with sdd2/mdd2. I also sometimes play ib1 or ru6 on RGC SA. One of my favorite modes actually has only 1 tavern to pick skills from (d1?) and I don't like ap or d5.


You can find my stats here, Burntt - 80 games, 1828 points (http://ladder.ranked...802&step=75&p=9)


I don't think we should compare normal dota with lod anyways as a carry, say with berserker blood and bt, can rekk casters (especially if fireblast has a delay). Also nerfing casters will kinda buff tanks too. I'm not saying this change is bad. But I have personally experienced dota 2 lod with skill-based cast point and I didn't really like it.


Lastly I believe sometimes we can buff skills that counter op combos, instead of nerfing the op combo. For example, giving smoke screen some damage or more slow or bigger AOE will effectively nerf ball relocate.

In Topic: Rearm

19 June 2017 - 09:57 PM

This sounds interesting. The change doesn't seem to be too overpowered as an ult. Looking forward to it  :D

In Topic: When will the new map lod release ?

19 June 2017 - 09:53 PM

Other interesting notes: Currently we plan to introduce original spell cast points (or cast animation), as it is in DotA 2. This means that LoD further normalizes itself to DotA standards.

0 Cast point (cp) heroes will be nerfed (if using spells that have a higher cast point), but normal cast point / high cast point heroes will roughly remain the same. E.g. raze spam with a hero like Wisp will work just like it did in DotA. This allows us to buff razes (as to dota 6.88 standard) without keeping mind a randomized factor like 0 cp hero model.

Easy explanation example: Fissure will have a 0.69 cast point no matter if your hero is Wisp or Earthshaker or Silencer, etc. Tether, Toss, Avalanche, etc. will have a 0 cp regardless if you're Wisp, Tiny, Pit Lord or Rooftrellen.


Altogether, this will achieve less overpoweredness by single hero models, as well as huge irregularities like casting 3 razes in 1 second, simply because you had the luck to get a good hero model.

Don't do it lol. I've played dota 2 lod and this cast time per spell sucks. LOD is about building a hero that specializes in one field (caster, carry, tank) It's gonna be really hard to build a mc caster with 0.69 cast point fissure and 0.3 cast point fireblast when enemy pitlord cast Rage with 0 cast time. This change would essentially buff carries and nerf all casters.


Put it this way, the cast time per hero is one of the reasons I prefer dota 1 lod...

In Topic: ultimate skill storm spirit + ultimate skill relocate (io). over power

15 June 2017 - 01:41 PM

lol here is the classic whining i miss it


it is one of the best builds in this version especially in balanced mode when other strong combos are nerfed.


I remember in version 6.84f when aghs on ball lightning was first introduced and removed initial mana cost, ball was massively abused. Then next version the initial mana cost came back in and ball became less op. So "if" you wanna nerf this combo, increasing mana cost of ball lightning may be another way.

In Topic: 6.85i Bug Reports

15 June 2017 - 01:30 PM

This happens anytime you die with the R chakram out. Dropping aghs and picking it up gives it back

no lol it doesn't come back after i drop and repick aghs.


it came back when I died with reinc on cd (sometimes). sometimes it's lost forever lol