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BloodrageNew update 6.85m1 NERF

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Posted 03 December 2017 - 06:45 PM

BLOODRAGE was nerfed too much! I understand that it is too OP that you need to reduce damage amplification, but I cannot understand why it was nerfed too much? about its CD and DURATION.


Cooldown = 6 seconds.

Duration   = 9 seconds. 


Making me to cast bloodrage every 9 seconds? VERY NOT IDEAL, specially with invi skills(Perma, Windwalks, Ghostwalks, Lothar's, Silver, rune) It makes invisibility useless. 



​In normal conditions, I got invisibility rune and Ion shell. Of course, it was a good timing to make an advantage (Invi + Ion shell + Bloodrage), making farming or lane-ning easie for a while. 


​With the new UPDATE,

Invisibility becomes useless with bloodrage. Why? Yes it is 9 seconds but, how far does bot/top rune from top/mid/bottom? or let's just say I have invi (any invi/item), after 9 seconds bloodrage will gone (still in invi) and I need to cast again bloodrage, making invi disappear at the same time. and wait again for invi so you can gank, but bloodrage again ran out, and need to cast again, and wait for invi again 'coz it disappear while casting Bloodrage.


Remember also, that, not only enemy will suffer bloodrage (talking about the old one), but also the one who got the buff. Both of them will receive the amplified damage dealt by it. So I don't get it why nerfed this, this much. If enemy has bloodrage, then make BM or DAGON or BKB, just be wise on the game. There lots of possible ways to counter it. 


​Bottom line, 

LoD's new update just made Invi-Bloodrage combo, less effective. Nerfed too much. 

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