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Getting started with LoD [-sds6 mode] - (Asia Channel)

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#1 MeatMuffinJackAss



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Posted 20 January 2014 - 01:52 PM

If you're getting started or having problems with picking skills or creating skill combos in LoD, this post is for you.


(Applicable for -sd,-ap & -s4 to -s6)





1.) Decide what type of hero are you going to create. It can be a hitter, support, ganker, tanker, late-game, killer, skiller, farmer, and random type.


2.) After deciding for a type of hero, (E.G. Ganker) try find the heroes with skills related to your chosen type of hero (E.G. Force of Nature, Summon Wolves, Summon Spiderlings etc.) .


3.) In some instances, not all your favorable skills are available during -sd modes. Try to find an alternative skill that will fit the place of that missing one. (For example, I were to choose Storm Bolt as for my 3rd skill. But sadly, it wasn't on the roster of the -sd mode. So, I decided to replace it with Magic Missile as an alternative.)


4.) Try not to focus your skills on the desired type of your hero. If you're a skiller, hitter,  or ganker; try to put some supporting skills on your main ones. What I want to emphasize is that, put a little bit of a surprise on your skills to surprise enemies. ( E.G. Phantom Strike, Aftershock, Last Word, etc.) .


5.) Exercise the habit of picking your skills fast. No one wants to wait a minute or two just to see your lame set of skills be finished. In most cases, hosts and players ban those players who are slow at picking their skills. And we don't want that do we?



After these 5 simple steps, you are ready to play and learn more about LoD.

Your  beliefs and arguments are invalid.


Now, shut up.

#2 klan-nedoklan



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Posted 23 January 2015 - 11:20 AM

Hahaha dude,

ban me for being slow @ picking skill phase :D :D :D.

This is like chess and you pretty advices makes me laugh.

Also I think playing this game in any other mode than mirror draft with equal conditions for both teams is stupid, pointless and based on luck, not on skill.


Having supports in your team is essential as well as NOT picking magic missle, Summon Wolves, Summon Spiderlings,  zombies and other feeding shit as alternative to anything :D :D :D.

I am having an orgasm with Goblin Greed and counter helix when I see this :D :D :D.


In general don't pick 5 late games and don't pick 6 passives.

Also avoid skill without sinergy to each other and always get disalbe.

Play with invisibility carepfully and avoid teams with more than 2 invisible heroes. Invisibilty works only if you already have an advantage in experience or in gold or if your team continuosly winning battles.

Also in pro games invisibility is considered as disadvantage. Permanent invisibility is a great example for this.


More later ....

#3 Whiteboard


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Posted 23 January 2015 - 03:04 PM

There are very few essential rules that dominates LoD games in general.


And this is my formula i've evolved over the years.


1: More stuns, more win.


 - The best opponent is one that does nothing.

 - Only applies if you cant 1-shot people. 


2: Draft activatable abilities that supports and/or synergizes with your passive(s).


 - Never go full out on either of activated or passives. Get something that supports the activated skill and vice versa.

 - Grants a higher output when your skills directly synergizes with the others. Example of this is armor reduction theme.

 - This allows casters early game to have a slight carry role in the end game.

 - This allows carries to be influential early game.


3: Always have a mechanic in your completed draft kit.


 - It allows you to be influential, to have power. A walking tincan cant engage and will be kited or stunlocked.

 - One of these are the following:

 - Movement spell, stun, silence, invisibility, slow, haste.

 - Preferably dont pick silence alone as your only mechanic.


Final words, Gl hf with this "How2draft4win" formula.


- Sincerely, Whiteboard.

GG humanity, as always.

#4 sewww


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Posted 24 January 2015 - 02:10 PM

always look   for the  passive triggered heals combo  its 99.9% win
dispersion / backtrack / bristleback  /  refraction       with combination  of chemical rage / bear form / excorsism       its pretty much unbeatable  
so fuck ya i will get  5 passvies with chemi rage and will  over - rape the enemies ^^

#5 Whiteboard


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Posted 24 January 2015 - 06:41 PM

Yes, triggered heals is an underestimated top-meta. However, you did follow the formula mentioned above.


Wether you like it or not, You didnt go full out on either passives or activitable abilities. While having a key element for direct synergy. Triggered heals. While having insane durability or creating a hazardous area with your presence.


Which is furthermore an ideal concept for an efficent tank.


I grin at your indirect foolishness.


- Sincerely, Whiteboard.

GG humanity, as always.

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