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In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

Yesterday, 09:27 PM

Have you or Draco ever went to official blizzard forums and told about problems custom map maker are facing with each patch they make? If so, did you ever got a response?


Yes, as have many others before. Not only at blizz forums, also at hiveworkshop (whose moderators are in contact with blizz devs, blizz devs even post in the patch discussion forum). Nothing useful ever came of that. They simply don't care (yet), or aren't knowledgable enough to understand what we're suggesting.

In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

Yesterday, 10:26 AM

well ENT management would have to think about it. The new map release will def make them lose players


It doesn't matter what happens at battle.net anymore. Any communities there will accept that they'll have to play outdated maps. Ignoring official patches and staying on 1.26 is the only way to continue making dota/lod.

In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

18 July 2017 - 08:57 PM

wow thanks for all the new features! I guess we'll probably have to play on RGC after. Only thing is RGC SA is a non-English community :(


I may try euro bot but doubt if it lags


I doubt rgc wants to open yet another small lod room for a small community (no idea how many people play on bnet nowadays, i'd guess very few). I guess if you can get over 100 active players to transition to rgc, rgc could open a lod NA room, but this condition has to be met.

New communities are definitely welcome, you'd get normal bot access for free of course, and room admin rights for any "community leaders". I suggest leaving bnet early, the patches won't get any better.

In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

17 July 2017 - 02:18 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong here - the new map is NOT playable on other servers that are based on newest WC3?


Try it yourself: http://d1stats.ru/fi...tars 6.88s4.w3x (latest iteration of 6.88 dota beta, from here http://d1stats.ru/88n-betas-changelog/). If this doesn't work correctly over the span of many games, neither will lod.

In other words: 6.88 dota and lod use a new method of coding, which was mostly fixed in 1.28, a bug abuse or workaround as you'd call it if used to make features. Through this, it is possible to replicate dota2 as closely as possible. It basically allows coders to unleash wc3's full potential. Without this, 6.88 or anything beyond that wouldn't be possible, ever. Dota and lod would be stuck at their current patches. Many cool features (like map-integrated hotkeys I mentioned above) wouldn't even be talked of without this workaround. I suggest making the transition to clients that are aware of this fact, or making sure communities understand that they'll have to play old maps. Battle.net is a lost cause for custom maps anyway and won't be supported anymore.

Any patches made by blizzard thus far (after 1.26) have only been utterly useless for the custom map community, especially now with the unlocked potential of wc3 memory access (only works using last good patch 1.26/maybe 1.27). This might of course change if blizzard chooses to finally make meaningful patches, but I doubt it. We can do much more in patches 1.26, and probably 1.27, than blizz allows us to do.

In Topic: Customkeys for LoD?

16 July 2017 - 12:42 PM

i'm using garena total for years, maybe you should try it. http://www.garenatotal.com/en/


Garena Total was indeed the best, but it doesn't work on RGC anymore, because of RGC's antihack measures. Your wc3 will simply close if you use it (for abilities, it works fine for item keys) on RGC.

Next LoD version will only care about being playable at whichever official Wc3 patch RGC currently uses, as newer battle.net patches prohibit use of some special code we're forced to use in any dota/lod map onward from now.