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original effect of multicast and witchcraft

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Posted 27 December 2017 - 02:09 PM

what mc does to fireblast:


multiplies mana cost by 1.16

multiplies cd by 0.83333


memhack should be able to do this, right? change the numbers to make it a little more balanced, but this should be better than the weird mechanic where it drains extra mana when it procs.



what witchcraft did to carrion swarm:


12.5% per level cooldown reduction

9.4% mana cost reduction for first level, half of that on subsequent

though neither of these went on the ult which gained 3/4/5/6 ghosts instead. it could give you this mini exo on whichever ulti you use.

also 5% ms per level


the new witchcraft is fun enough to keep but we also have the technology for the old one now

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