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Farming skills with hero kills

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#1 GamerPro_Veco



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Posted 12 March 2017 - 04:49 PM

I like to pick & play farming skills with hero kills like flesh heap, glaives of wisdom, duel, sadist, bloodbath. Because, if there is early-game dominator in your team, you can easily farm with him and dominate at the late-game.
I have a combo that you may like.
1. Flesh Heap
2. Essence Shift
3. Glaives of Wisdom
4. Duel
5. Phantom Strike/Wind Walk/Hook/Waveform
6. Any spell you like
With this combo you earn str, agi, int and dmg for each fight. You can say Essence Shift is out of this list, but I like this skill and I join it to this list. Farm well and hear the voice "OWNING"!

#2 Burnt


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Posted 13 March 2017 - 12:29 PM

noooooooob  :D  :D


i don't think glaive works when you duel. Duel without moc or tanky skills will just give out free damage to enemies.

totally BURNT

#3 Whiteboard


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 12:43 PM

With a powerful movement skill like waveform, you can easily solo and pick off people with that build.

 - And ofc you can tag along some MVP faggot who wrecks people for you - for easy stacks of bonus stats.


Preferably for the last skill you'd want a prock for your attacks like Caustic Finalé or something even more attack speed inducing to get those Shift stacks going.


Like mentioned, GoW wont prock during duels and kinda becomes redundant in the scenario you either kill people in Duel without GoW (just for the sake of more power) or you kill people without dueling them (because you are powerful enough to kill them scenario-wise).


I'd recomend swapping out either Duel vs GoW for Marksmanship vs MoM.


Being a jack of all trades ain't always gonna have all it's needs covered at all times.


Generally speaking it's better if you simply focus on one game mechanic at the time with a few supporting abilities to it.


Heres my general draftin rules when lodding:
- 2 to 3 skills with synergy for power.

- A stun/disable/"unload your power on victim mechanic"

 - Escape/Mobility ability
- Something that scales throughout the game (Flesh heap etc)


And making sure it has enough power to solo people on early game and having scaling in late game.

 - Unless you go for a support build or a gimmick build (like a super tank).


With your build per example with #6 as Caustic Finale (assuming you can level it to 1-3 during laning) you can easily dominate people and be a huge powerfactor/carry for that game.

As long as you follow the basic princips of "The Art of War" and taking your chances to grow to get those stacks.


- Regards, Whiteboard.

GG humanity, as always.

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