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The most OP tank

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#1 klan-nedoklan



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Posted 04 March 2015 - 04:55 PM

I have found several builds based on the combo Degen Aura + Pulse Nova to be very nasty and overpowered.

I think the most successful is this one:


1. Degen Aura

2. Blood Bath

3. Static Field

4. Decay or Quill Spray (or Other low CD AoE spell like Death Pulse or Shallow Wave, some Lightnings from Zeus or Lesharc) 

5. Flesh Golem or Chemical Rage

6. Pulse Nova


Let me explain what's happening.

Basically when you cast pulse nova the enemies close to you stop moving. If you have enough HP and mana you can deal tons of damage and kill everybody close to you. Nevertheless if they try overtake you with spells the Static Field will punish them. Chemical rage boosts your HP regen to insane level plus you get healed from blood bath when something dies near you. Flesh Golem is also very good for this combo, because the damage amplification from Decay and Quill Spray can kill everybody with just 3-4 casts.

Decay increases your Strength and HP and you are getting fatter and fatter. You never stop spamming the low CD spell to constantly trigger Static Field.

What you need is tons of mana so pick str. hero with a lot of intelligence increased per level. Kaolin, Bristeback etc or combine with someone with Essence Aura.

Items that serves best1 are Aghanim, Dagger, Shiva's Guard, HoT, Radiance, Blade mail, Linken Sphere


Also I will play with Rot next time, but I think the movement speed slow factor is maxed just because you are using Degen Aura + Pulse Nova with Aghanim.


Happy tanking :)

#2 PancakeSpecial



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Posted 04 March 2015 - 08:50 PM

I've used such combos and they are indeed nice.


Some variations:


You can add in scorched earth instead of degen (or in addition) for a similar effect. The slow is not as high but your own ms is buffed and there's a small dps. Having a hero with a high base ms matters more if you do this (tc is my choice, but anyone 310+ is good). Other alternates to degen include *any castable slow*: sniper's is good, but drunken haze or tb's single-target are also useful. Replacing a passive with something else that procs static field is beneficial. As you mention rot is also useful as an alternative to degen, but it would not be my first choice.


Flesh golem+pulse nova is surprisingly uncommon, given how OP the amplification can be.I like to to stack this with flesh heap for long games. By the time mid game is reached I can be very far ahead in HP.


I do not often pick quill with this type of combo, but decay is so good I pick whenever possible. Should these be unavailable, or when static field is unavailable, caustic finale is an often overlooked skill that works well with this.


For items bm and agh are essential, all others mentioned are good but depend more on the situation. I generally go with mana boots, too, for obvious reasons.



On a related note, here's one of my favorite tank builds:


 1. Decay
 2. Scorched Earth

 3. Morph

 4. Multicast

 5. Return

 6. Eye of the Storm / Chemical Rage / Flesh Golem


The mc exists purely for use with decay. Core item build is treads, blademail and agh. It's not OP because countering is not hard, but it's simple, fun and doesn't take much time to become dangerous (in other words you don't need to build up your mana pool the way you do with nova builds).



tl;dr Decay! It's like essence shift for str heroes. Learn to love it.

#3 Ech0


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Posted 09 April 2015 - 05:24 PM

Just a hint boys... Rot+Sadist+Bloodbath+Pulse Nova. You get the slow, you get the damage, you get the heal, and no more mana problems if you got people to kill. It's an easy rampage combination if you got what it takes and this also works on 4 skill mode where it is way more overpowered :) This combination been so much fun months back when i used to play. :)

#4 5togo



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Posted 18 August 2015 - 11:47 AM

The most OP tank at the moment  is probably the german main battle tank Leopard 2A7 with M1A2 Abrams being a close second.

#5 GamerPro_Veco



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Posted 12 March 2017 - 03:53 PM

1. Essence Shift
2. Berserker's Blood
3. Atrophy Aura
4. True Form
5. Craggy Exterior
6. Shadow Dance
With this build you can kill any carry hero, just pick agility hero and buy attack speed & armor items and you go!

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