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Posted 08 February 2018 - 02:12 AM



I just wanted to say that visages familiars need a buff or 3, no one ever picks them. Their synergy aoe stun is sorta good-ish with agha, but their damage is pathethic, in s6 mode they get outscaled by everyone super easy, thanks to the insane kill/assist golds.


My suggestion is to give them the imba-dota treatment. In imba-dota they have an aura that adds 20 pure damage to any damage instance near a familiar. I propose something similar - keep their current physical damage, but give each familiar something like 20 pure damage per hit, or 0,3x primary attritube added as pure damage per hit, or so.


The synergy upgrade is ok-ish, but should also add some survivability or speed to the familiars. They should definitely become faster at ulti level 2/3.

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