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  • Submitted: Oct 26 2015 05:23 PM
  • Last Updated: Oct 28 2015 08:24 PM
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Download DotA v6.85c LoD

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6.85c lod

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To checkout the big 6.85 changelog, click here

  • Fixed Ice path causing fatal errors, and Ice Path no longer has cast restrictions (can be used on cliffs etc)
  • Fixed Light Strike Array not having an FX
  • Fixed Darkness tooltip being outdated, and fixed Darkness not correctly working
  • Fixed Reflection not correctly creating images of the target heroes
  • Fixed Blade Dance learn icon position
  • Fixed Brilliance Aura not correctly giving bonus MPreg to your own hero
  • Fixed Fate's Edict and Press the Attack effects staying permanently
  • Fixed Mj√∂llnir/Maelstrom procs not working if your attack range exceeds 700
  • Fixed buying Diffusal recipe to upgrade it not working if your inventory is full
  • Fixed potential bugs with permanent buffs/debuffs
  • Fixed Chronosphere True Sight not working correctly
  • Fixed being able to pick Sprint with Shadow Dance or Permanent Invisibility
  • Fixed Decay not supporting cooldown decrease
  • Fixed Breathe Fire leaving a sammy face on affected enemies and fixed negative base damage not being updated
  • Fixed Spirit Form having issues with cooldown detection
  • Fixed Track effect being permanent until purged
  • Fixed Deactivate Split Shot Split Shot hotkey being outdated, Split Shot toggling no longer interrupts unit
  • Fixed Death Ward lvl 3 Aghanim not having an attack
  • Fixed Ignite failing if the target moves
  • Fixed Bloodrage (old) penetrating Linken's, and fixed it not purging
  • Fixed Reincarnation (agha) CD and manacost being incorrect
  • Fixed Desolate working against structures
  • Fixed Decay and Stampede tooltips
  • Fixed Centaur Khan neutral not leaving a corpse
  • Fixed Corrosive Breath (Elder Dragon Form) not having a debuff indicator
  • Fixed Sticky Napalm triggering on Urn of Shadows
  • Fixed Urna Swarm scarab count not correctly updating
  • Fixed Blood Pact bonusses staying too long when cast twice
  • Fixed Inner Vitality duration not being updated when cast again
  • Removed hotkey from "Buyback in cooldown"
  • Fixed Poison Sting, Dispersion and Heartstopper aura piercing Shallow Grave
  • Hearstopper Aura no longer aggroes creeps
  • Soul Steal (Utility Lobster) now ends if one of the heroes dies and reincarnates, Fixed Soul Steal stopping if the target is silenced instead of when the caster is silenced
  • Eye in the Forest targeting type changed to Ward
  • Land mines cooldown, manacost and damage changes reverted, Land Mines cast range from 100 to 350
  • Fixed orders given while Chakram retracts being lost
  • Fixed being able to miss attacks against uphill wards, added a duration bar for wards
  • Fixed Firefly and Arctic Burn turning units to ground-swimming
  • Fixed Relocate's Aghanim upgrade not working
  • Watchers (Space Orc) count from 2/3/4/5 to 3/5/7/9
  • Fixed Devour not giving Golem's Hurl Boulder
  • Fixed Chaos Strike affecting structures
  • Increased some ground courier sizes to improve clickability
  • Fixed SD/MD taverns leaving a minimap icon

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