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  • Submitted: Dec 09 2017 10:23 AM
  • Last Updated: Dec 09 2017 01:41 PM
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Download DotA 6.85m3 LoD

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85m lod


Please report bugs for this map here:
Bug report subforum

This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else


Player names will now only be shown while in pickphase. Hero names will be shown instead.
Type -names to get the old default setting back (player names shown).
Added chat command -names # to switch player names between:
0 = hero names
1 = legacy (nick + hero)
2 = player's number

  • Added 100% AS/MS slow effect on Vital Strike
  • Blademail cooldown from 15 to 18
  • Blademail now returns the same damage type as original damage
  • Fixed swapping taverns still allowed 2nd player to keep a spell
  • Reworked Black King Bar, added different visual effect (golden sphere) for immunity
  • Arctic Siege illusions are no longer flying units
  • Suicide Squad Attack now provides experience for kills it made
  • Fixed Caustic Final dealing 1.5x damage if a killing attack was the 3rd attack and the target dies due to it
  • Improved Shadow Dance invisibility
  • Restored all color-modifiers (Skadi, Reincarnation agh, etc.)
  • Fixed Crippling Fear effect duration being incorrect
  • Fixed mana regeneration bug (same as hp reg bug before)
  • Fixed Manta Style naming
  • Fixed Gush leaving a corpse near the target
  • Fixed Kraken Shell with damage block negative multiplier being outdated
  • Removed extra ground visuals from Rocket Barrage
  • Kraken Shell damage treshold from 400 to 500
  • Added Bloodrite silence to dispel list
  • Neutrals can no longer attack a courier
  • Fixed Duel issues with Lotus orb and Multicast
  • Fixed Rearm not affecting Reincarnation
  • Removed freaking manabar from Ice blast marker
  • Added true-sight immunity to Ice blast
  • Fixed Grow on Tiny's model providing extra attack range
  • Sleight of Fist no longer morphs the caster, attacking in normal hero's form
  • Fixed Dispersion being twice as effective
  • Fixed Doom (Agh) didn't disable target's passives
  • Fixed Chaos Strike applying bonus damage on extra-damage (like backstab)
  • Fixed Multicasted Epicenter staying on the place instead of following the hero
  • Guardian Angel and Rage can no longer multicast
  • Fixed Pounce providing 0.01s of spell immunity
  • Fixed Crippling Fear, Jinada, Bloodlust icon position
  • Fixed Supernova and Sunder not changing HP under Ice Blast
  • Midnight Pulse damage type changed to divine
  • Fixed Purification lvl 4 manacost 140 -> 160
  • Fixed fatal error when playing other maps w/o restart
  • Fixed Breathe of Fire various issues with Multicast and some other effects
  • Fixed Blood Bath and Bloodrage healing of Familiars
  • Fixed Trample dealing 50 less damage than intended
  • Fixed Dominated siege units still trying to attack structures instead of following player's orders
  • Switched Bounty rune model to a gold coin
  • Fixed Double Damage rune not affecting Spirit Bear
  • Double Damage rune no longer affects anyone else but the carrier
  • Fixed camera settings become incorrect when mouse wheel used while after -cam command
  • Fixed Time Lapse dispelling stuff it isnt supposed to dispell
  • Fixed Witchcraft, Supernova and Rearm not updating cooldown in the multiboard
  • Fixed Reincarnation didn't check cooldown for Alt-click
  • Fixed Snowball behaviour when reflected back
  • Reduced cast backswing on Rylai (2.4 -> 0.2), Thrall (1 -> 0.1), Admiral (0.51 -> 0.1), Visage (0.5 -> 0.1), Skywrath (1.08 -> 0.2)Necrolyte (0.5 -> 0.1), Enigma (0.51 -> 0.1), Tinker (0.5 -> 0.2)
  • Fixed final multiboard displaying wrong 6th inventory slot for Scourges
  • Fixed Illuminate, Tidebringer, Dive icon positioning
  • Icarus Dive End, Illuminate End no longer has cast time
  • Fixed Tether's order IDs not being indexed at all
  • Hexes, Grave Chill, Fire Spirit, Track, Amplify Damage, Fatal Bonds, X Mark, Winter's Curse can no longer multicast
  • Fixed some Multicasted spells didn't detect the source properly (Soul steal, Brain Sap, etc)
  • Ghosts (Reincarnation Agh) will now revive with 1 hp instead of full
  • Fixed multicasted Whirling Axes (melee) not following the hero
  • Fixed Illuminate didn't check for Aghanim Scepter
  • Fixed Nature's Guise didn't affect allies
  • Pipe no longer has stacking timeout (used to be 50 seconds)
  • Fixed Manta Style data not updating to proper form
  • Fixed Manta Style cd being 5s lower than intended
  • Fixed Drunken Brawler didn't provide evasion
  • Fixed rm8 mode
All default buttons (Move, Stop, Hold, Patrol) are hidden now, use -patrol if you miss them. They're still available via default hotkeys, look below
Updated config.lod file with settings to setup hotkeys for removed buttons:
#REAL hotkeys for issuing primary orders, they aren't binded to any visible button but usable in-game. ONLY A SINGLE HOTKEY ALLOWED

Other fields like "BindPatrol" related to the button' cell and not the order, use them to control spells on additional slots
  • Default hotkeys for move / stop / patrol / hold are now loaded from the game (makes difference if you have CustomKeys, thats all)
As always: Backup your config.lod and delete it/rename config.lod (so there is no file named like that in your Warcraft 3 folder) to generate a newly config.lod after the map has been loaded once, this new config.lod will have the new settings inside.

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