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Download DotA v6.78c LoD v3d

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v3d lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:

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* Fixed gaining EXP over the 25 level limit when hexed
* Fixed Dust of Appearance not stacking with itself when your inventory is full
* Fixed Double Edge sometimes not correctly dealing damage in an AoE
* Fixed -lives command in -DM mode having a limit of 66 lives
* Fixed Anchor Smash debuff sometimes being permanent
* Fixed Bloodrage not dispelling buffs
* Fixed having to type -sp twice in -DM mode to hide passives (after respawning with new skills)
* In -EB mode, Purifying Flames will now have a 4s CD instead of a 3s CD
* In -EB mode, if you have Backstab and Fury Swipes, Backstab will only deal 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8 of your agi as extra damage
* In -EB mode, Overpower's Manacost will now cost 50/65/80/95 Mana instead of 45/55/65/75
* In -EB mode, if you have Jinada and Sleight of Fist, Jinada will only crit for 1.25/1.45/1.65/1.85x
* In -EB mode, Rage will now have a 2/3/4/5s duration instead of 3/4/5/6s
* 1 more HCL script for hostbots:
- rgc3 = "sds6d2oseb"

List of changed IDs for CustomKeys.txt:

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