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  • Submitted: Aug 02 2017 02:38 PM
  • Last Updated: Aug 02 2017 03:58 PM
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Download DotA 6.85j4 LoD

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85j lod


Please report bugs for this map here:
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j4 HotFix:

  • Fixed Sentinel towers not being able to attack, disabled Spin Web again in AR/DM
  • Re-added a much-requested fan-favorite: Luna's Moon Glaive!
  • Fixed passives on illusions not working correctly
  • Rearm no longer switches it's slot and works better now
  • Fixed Sanity Eclipse & Phantasm were still pickable with Rearm
  • Fixed various issues with Demolish-based abilities (Tidebringer now finally works first hit after dying)
  • Take Aim, Psi Blades, Impetus, Feral Heart, Dragon Blood can now be shuffled to heroes in DM mode and AR modes
  • Fixed Dream Coil missing initial ministun
  • Fixed Fireshow giving vision on proc
  • Fireshow no longer works like a cleave but is now centered around the attacked unit
  • Gust now increases the movespeed of any ally around the caster in a 700 AoE by 15% for 3 seconds.
  • Null Field now also grants 6/9/12/15% bonus exp for affected allies in the aoe
  • Mystic Flare (agh) Cooldown from 20/10/0 to 20/10/5, duration from 2s to 12s, same DPS
  • Fixed viper's model scale and missing icon
  • Improved attack mechanics (misses no longer display a debuff)
  • Added icon positioning support for S5-6
  • Added -fd and -omm chat commands (fd=fog density 0-255, and omm=old minimap colors)
  • -zm mode is now always enabled
  • Added hcl mode 'tita' for -sds6soulabbofnd2frnsff
  • Added visual option in config.lod file "StaticSkillsLayout=true". By setting this to true, your spells will now appear strictly in the order that you picked them.
  • Additional note: we constantly update the config.lod file with new settings. The file needs to be deleted by you manually if you want these new optional settings. Just delete it, start the map in singleplayer, and config.lod will be re-created with updated content.

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