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6.85e lod

Please report bugs for this map here:
Bug report subforum

  • Fixed Frost Armor AS slow being 25% instead of 50%, and MS slow being 50% instead of 25%
  • Fixed Tombstone Zombies being targetable for any spells (Death Pact, etc.)
  • Fixed being able to stack Flame Ward
  • Fixed Berserker Rage bash chance being 10/15/20/25% instead of 10%
  • Fixed Roshan getting too much bonus armor and damage way earlier than he should
  • Fixed Silver Edge counting as a normal ability (would trigger stuff like Warpath, Fiery Soul etc)
  • Fixed Skeleton Walk buff icon being outdated
  • Fixed Crystalis damage
  • Fixed Deafening Blast affecting magic immune enemies
  • Fixed Frostbite, Crystal Nova, Penitence tooltips
  • Fixed Talon Queen not having enough armor, fixed Dragon Blood giving her too much armor
  • Fixed Eye in the Forest not being invisible
  • Fixed Gush being physical damage instead of magical damage
  • Fixed Death Ward (Aghanim's) level 2 not having 1 bounce
  • Fixed Helm of Iron Will sellcost being too high
  • Fixed Track not giving bonus gold in some cases
  • Fixed Mana Break not working for melee illusions
  • Fixed Witchcraft hiding your hero with Mirror Image based skills (Mirror Image, Phantasm, etc.)
  • Fixed Witchcraft causing morph skills to morph you back instantly, fixed Witchcraft causing a fatal error
  • Fixed Unrefined Fireblast (Multicast agha) not working correctly with cooldown reduction
  • Fixed Chaos Strike armor debuff not working correctly
  • Fixed gifting Aghanim's Scepter not reseting bonusses
  • Fixed Earthbind not being able to catch invisible units even if they are visible
  • Fixed Grow! giving incorrect bonusses if learnt while morphed to melee
  • Fixed cooldown manipulation refreshing abilities twice after using Refresher Orb
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt not being multicastable
  • Fixed Devouring Mud Golem not giving Hatchlings passive (now spawns 2 little Dooms when dying)
  • Fixed Incapacitating Bite not always working correctly
  • Fixed multicasted Freezing Field not stopping if the caster gets interrupted
  • Fixed Arctic Burn damage stacking if multiple projectiles were flying on the target
  • Fixed Spirit Bear not being able to use Shiva's Guard, Helm of the Dominator or Armlet of Mordiggian
  • Fixed Supernova (Aghanim's) allowed an allied hero targeted to be inside the Supernova to be able to attack while inside the Supernova
  • Fixed cooldown manipulation caused spells to disappear when morphing
  • Fixed Whirling Axes, Shadowraze, Call of the Wild not properly working with cooldown manipulation
  • Fixed creating illusions of others (Reflection, Replicate) caused the illusions to lose passives
  • Fixed Magic Wand cooldown (17 -> 13)
  • Fixed Spectral Dagger wasting the target's Linken's Sphere, Spectral Dagger can now be casted on magic immune enemies
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity not affecting ancients
  • Fixed Windrun evasion stopping after morphing
  • Fixed Devouring Mud golem never spawns little golems
  • Fixed Sleight of Fist jumping onto dead targets
  • Fixed Rearm/Supernova/Refresher Orb spell-refresh caused problems with other cooldown manipulations
  • Fixed Kelen's Dagger having a higher blink delay if you have Octarine Core
  • Fixed Rocket Barrage not being properly recognized as spell damage
  • Fixed Land Mines rarely exploding without dealing damage
  • Fixed Wave of Terror being pure damage instead of divine (now affects magic immune units), fixed Wave of terror not affecting ancients
  • Fixed Reincarnation not supporting Octarine Core
  • Fixed Overcharge interacting with cooldown reduction
  • Fixed Mjollnir's Static Charge no longer triggers on allied or self damage
  • Fixed Wraith Form (Reincarnation Agha) giving heroes full mana, now mana is the same as it was the moment you died
  • Fixed pure damage only dealing 50% of the damage to siege units
  • Fixed Flux not recognizing allied ancients as allied units
  • Fixed Nethertoxin not giving enough damage when attacking creeps
  • Fixed Spirit Bear level 4 not being able to damage Tombstone
  • Fixed Silver Edge's cooldown being too high, fixed Lothar's and Silver Edge not sharing cooldowns
  • Fixed heroes getting EXP for killing someone if they die first
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade not having an FX when purging allies or yourself
  • Reduced the size of allied taverns in SD/MD modes
  • Holy Persuasion now kills oldest unit instead of random unit
  • Vacuum now makes it's victims pathless, now moves them very close together
  • Shadow Wave can now target magic immune allies
  • Suicide Squad, Attack can now target ancients
  • Headshot damage type changed to physical
  • March of Machines now starts from the cast point instead of the Tinker
  • Snowball trees destroy AoE reduced from 300 to 200
  • Updated Bloodrite's visual effect
  • You can now doubleclick Diffusal Blade to instantly purge yourself
  • Armlet no longer drains life from invulnerable units or couriers
  • Maledict now affects illusions
  • Roshan no longer dispells Urn of Shadows heal
  • March of the Machines damage type from pure to magic
  • Couriers no longer receive bonus damage from meele non-hero attacks
  • Meat Hook can now target ancients but moves through them
  • Echo Slam initial damage type changed from universal to magic, Echo Slam initial damage now moves at high speed (instead of being slow waves)
  • Rolling Boulder now has less AoE at the start so it won't hit enemies behind you
  • Ice Path now can be used on cliffs
  • Infested unit's movespeed now constantly updates to the Lifestealer's speed
  • Solar Crest, Lotus Orb, Glimmer Cape, Mjollnir, Urn of Shadows, Force Staff, Medallion of Courage, Halberd now can target illusions
  • Destroyed Towers no longer grant 3 second visions after it dies
  • Fountain damage type changed from chaos to siege (25% less damage to heroes)
  • Insatiable Hunger damage for range heroes reduced to 60/70/80
  • Berserker's Call now ends if the caster dies, player-owned-units aggro'd by Berserker's Call will not be selectable by the player, players regain control instantly when Berserker's Call ends
  • Added Pit of Malice, Nether Strike, Deafening Blast and Berserkers Call into stunlist for -3LS mode
  • Winter's Curse now causes secondary targets (the ones attacking the target) to receive 70% less damage from all sources (dota2)
  • False Promise CD from 20 to 40
  • Thunder Lizard's Frenzy can now target any allied unit
  • Icarus Dive CD from 36 to 18
  • Nethertoxin (Viper) now fully affects structures (now only half damage against creeps, full damage against heroes and structures)
  • Cheat Death now permanently protects against high damage, no longer has a cooldown and cannot be used.
  • Freezing Field speed reduced by 10%, CD from 90/80/70 to 100, Freezing Field blast delay from 0.05 to 0.07 (from 20 explosions per second to 14)
  • Purifying Flames manacost reduced to 50/60/70/80 (dota2)
  • Frostbite damage from 50 to 37.5 per 0.5 seconds
  • Range heroes now only have a 5/10/10/15% chance to bash from Time Lock and Bash (Slardar)
  • Dream Coil now no longer pulls in heroes, now only pulls them in if you have Aghanim's Scepter
  • Illuminate now only heals allies with Aghanim's Scepter
  • Haunt and Spirit Lance illusions will no longer be autoselected
  • Nether Ward cast range from 150 to 200
  • Alacrity CD from 12 to 9
  • Empowering Haste bonus MS from 6/10/14/18% to 8/10/12/14%
  • It is no longer possible to repick your hero after successfully swapping with an ally in SD/MD modes
  • Midnight Pulse cast range from 700 to 800
  • Spit (Kodo Master) damage type from magic to pure
  • Multicast allied-targeted spells now prioritize heroes over common units (Purification, etc.)

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