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Download DotA v6.84f LoD

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6.84f lod

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To checkout the big 6.84a changelog, click here

  • Fixed Relocate (Aghanim's) CD not being updated in scoreboard
  • Fixed Untouchable affecting structures, magic immune units, allies and self
  • Haste rune speed bonus from 100% to 1000% (can't be slowed anymore, still 522ms max)
  • Fixed Sonic Wave damage being incorrect
  • Fixed Battlefury not being usable (to cut down trees/wards)
  • Fixed Ghost Scepter sell price
  • Fixed Holy Persuasion having no unit cap, and not updating to it's agha version if maxing it before acquiring agha
  • Fixed Tornado sleeping instead of cyclone'ing, fixed Tornado cast range being lower than it's actual travel range
  • Fixed Nature's Attendants having wrong order ID
  • Fixed Aghanim's Scepter shareability
  • Fixed not being able to level Permanent Invisibility after using -SP
  • Fixed Divine Rapier not having a ground model when dropped
  • Fixed attacks dealing 1 damage to glyphed tier 1 towers
  • Fixed Dispersion triggering Octarine Core's healing
  • Dispersion damage type from Pure to Direct HP removal (Dota 2)
  • Exorcism, Mass Serpent Wards, Infernals (Rain of Chaos) now deal 25% less damage to structures in -s6 mode
  • Split Shot hotkey from T to Y
  • Untouchable AS reduction from 30/60/90/120 to 30/50/70/90
  • Adaptiveness bonus reduced from 15/30/45 to 15/25/35
  • Poison Nova (Aghanim's) now prevents affected enmies from regenerating HP or healing
  • Mind Control (Space Orc) no longer has any limit on how many units it can convert
  • Demonic Conversion (Enigma) can now be multicasted (only if used on an enemy unit)
  • Freezing field nerfed: Blasts appears 30% slower and deal 70/120/170 damage instead of 80/140/180 (agha from 120/170/220 to 140/200/260)
  • Krobelus' Witchcraft (passive) enabled. Every cast you do has a 10/15/20/25% chance to reset the CD of the spell you just casted, 0/0/5/10% chance for ultimate spells. Also grants 5/10/15/20% movementspeed.
  • Syllabear's Synergy (passive) enabled. Has various different effects on your summoned/controlled units if combined with summoning/controlling spells:
  • Boar 100/200/300/400 bonus hp, 20/35/60/75 AS bonus
  • Eagle: 50/100/150/200 bonus ms, spell immunity
  • Spirit Bear: always summons lvl 4 bear, grants 30/50/70/90 movespeed and 30/50/70/90 AS
  • Holy Persuasion: 30/40/50/60 bonus movespeed to controlled units
  • Enchant: Enchant duration from 80 to 180, adds 100/200/300/400 hp
  • Force of Nature: 20/30/40/50 spell resistance and 1/2/3/4 armor
  • Mass Serpent Wards: 10/20/30/40 bonus AS
  • Plague Ward: 5/10/15/20 bonus damage
  • Summon Wolves: 20/30/40/50 magic resistance, 10/20/30/40 evasion
  • Spiderling: 5/10/15/20 magic resistance, +5% ms/as aura (aura doesn't stack with itself)
  • Spiderite: 0/5/10/15 magic resistance
  • Eidolons: attack requirement to split from 6 to 5/4/4/3
  • Infernal: Burn DOT damage doubled, spawns lesser golem on death
  • Infernal Agh: Burn DOT damage doubled, explodes on death dealing 150/250/350 spell damage
  • Familiars: Stone form cooldown from 26 to 26/21/16/11
  • Tombstone: Zombies spawn rate from 3 seconds to 2.7/2.3/1.9/1.5, innate Ghost Scepter on Obelisk (active skill)
  • Watcher: Adds Suicide ability which blows the Watcher up if used, Suicide deals up to 200 AoE damage
  • Scarab: Adds Pemanent invisilbility to Scarabs and increases Infestation duration from 3 to 3/4/5/6 seconds
  • Mind Control: duration increased to 35/40/45/50 seconds and grants bonus 50/100/150/200 HP to converted creeps
  • Raise Dead: 10/20/30/40 AS, from 20% bonus HP to 25/30/35/40%
  • Necronomicon range: damage return (innate blademail), 30/40/50/60 AS
  • Necronomicon melee: always fire AoE damage of Last will on death?, 30/40/50/60 AS
  • Forge spirit: Forget Spirits are permanently affected by Alacrity lvl 1/2/3/4

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