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Download DotA v6.83f LoD

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v6.83f lod

Please report bugs for this map here:
Bug report subforum


Note: If you run any hacks that show MP regeneration it is possible that you will have a fatal error at the gamestart.
  • Fixed -switch and -unlock not working (beware, potential bugs after switching!)
  • Fixed first Bounty runes sometimes not giving correct EXP/gold
  • Fixed being able to target structures with Bloodrage, and fixed structures healing if they kill a Bloodraged unit
  • Fixed Swoop Down level requirements
  • Improved Moon Glaive perfomance, additional performance changes to spells that use attack event (Moment of Courage, Frostmourne, Fury Swipes, etc.)
  • Fixed Primal Roar causing severe bugs with some abilities (e.g. Snowball making your hero disappear)
  • Fixed Sentinel shop positions being a little bit different to DotA's
  • Fixed Marksmanship giving too much damage to AGI heroes
  • Fixed Scorched Earth lasting permanently
  • Fixed Mortal Wounds applying DoT to allied, buildings or siege units
  • Fixed Burning Spears working against mechanical units
  • Fixed Side Shops not having Broadsword instead of Chainmail (Dota 2 6.83)
  • Fixed Doom still disabling passives even without Aghanim's (Dota 2 6.83)
  • Fixed Cheat Death having no icon when hidden with -SP
  • Fixed Borrowed Tango having no item description
  • Fixed Curse of the Silent being removed by using items
  • Fixed Laguna Blade (Aghanim's) dealing too much damage
  • Fixed Urn of Shadows not being pure damage type instead of direct HP removal (6.83, it now blocks dagger etc)
  • Fixed Sleight of Fist not dealing your hero's damage
  • Fixed Sonic Wave, Battle Hunger, Elder Dragon Form tooltips not being updated
  • Fixed using Test of Faith on yourself not teleporting your creeps to you (Dota 2 6.83)
  • Fixed Meat Hook not damaging magic immune units (6.83) and cast range not fitting actual Meat Hook range
  • Fixed Ice Shards not dealing damage to heroes
  • Fixed Visage having 3 INT points too much
  • Fixed Thunder Strike being considered a stun (3ls/ls modes)
  • Fixed Powershot damage being too low if your castpoint is low, fixed Powershot not dealing correct damage with Multicast, fixed Powershot range not being correctly updated to 6.83
  • Fixed Dark Ritual not restoring correct amount of mana
  • Fixed Guardian Angel (Aghanim's) not being global range even if you do not have Rearm
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt only revealing and not damaging invisible heroes
Balance & Features
  • Illusions now deal 25% less damage to structures (DotA 2 6.83)
  • -random (and -random str / int / agi which awards 100g instead of 200 of normal -random) no longer has a 5 second delay before your randomed hero spawns
  • Maelstrom and Mj√∂llnir are no longer orb effects and/or buff placers
  • Shrapnel now has 3 charges, with a cooldown of 40 seconds each. Manacost from 120 to 50, CD from 15 to 0, AoE from 400 to 450, duration from 9 to 10s
  • Removed Cash In and Ante Up from Ogre Lord (will be replaced with new spells some time later)
  • Ogre Lord now has old Bloodseeker spells: Blood Bath and Bloodrage (old); Bloodseeker now has Bloodrite and Bloodrage (new)
  • Diffusal Blade will now only burn 12 mana if used by a range illusion
  • Sand Storm now slows enemies inside the Sand Storm by 15%, while it increases allies MS by 15%
  • Headshot now causes a 0.5 second 100% MS and AS slow instead of a 0.25 second stun (Dota 2 6.82)
  • Static Field now additionally shocks for 1% of maxHP
  • Fervor now places a -1/2/3/4 armor debuff on a target after you reach 4 stacks of Fervor, lasts for 4 seconds. Attacking a target on which you have full Fervor stacks refreshes the -armor duration.
  • Mortal Wounds damage type changed from magical to physical
  • Mortal Wounds is now only activated on damage above 20 after all resistances
  • Swoop Down in-flight speed is now faster
  • Pulse Nova MS slow from 20% to 15%, agha from 40 to 30%
  • Summon Wolves: wolf armor from 1 to 2, manacost from 145 to 130
  • Boulder Smash: It is now possible to target ground far away with Boulder Smash as long as you have a rock near your hero, you will shoot the rock into the direction you targeted
  • Firestorm (Pit Lord) can now hit structures, deals half damage
  • Duel no longer disables any passive abilities on both contestants
  • Fatal Bonds linked units from 6/8/10/12 to 3/5/7/9
  • Conjure Image passive attackspeed from 20/30/40/50 to 15/20/25/30
  • Corrosive Skin now only works if the attacker is in a 1400 range (from global, Dota 2 6.83)
  • Call Down area of effect increased from 450 to 600, Call Down first missile slow amount reduced from 50% to 30%, Call Down second missile slow amount increased from 20% to 60%
  • Qop Blink range increased from 700/850/1000/1150 to 1300, Blink cooldown from 12/10/8/6 to 15/12/9/6 (Dota 2 6.83)
  • Powershot travel range increased from 1825 to 2600, vision radius 800 -> 400 (Dota 2 6.83)
  • Digest no longer has a 10/8/6/4s digestion period, CD from 16/14/12/10 to 1.5, now every eaten tree gives 1 charge instead of 3 (you can eat as many trees as you like and can then throw them, depending how many you ate), no longer has a built-in casttime, Digest now costs 20 mana instead of 0, Digest Throw manacost from 25 to 50
  • Fire Wall CD from 25 to 16, DPS from 10/20/30/40 to 25/40/55/70, Duration from 3/3.5/4/4.5 to 5
  • Fire Show can now be picked on range heroes, but proc chance is reduced to 15/20/25/30% on range heroes
  • Inferno damage increased from 50/75/100 to 75/100/125
  • Spirit Bear will now be able to attack if it's 1400 range away from owner (up from 900)
  • Reverse Polarity (Aghanim's) bonus shockwaves AoE damage from 3x 175/250/325 (total of 525/750/975) to 3x 125/150/175 (total of 375/450/525)
  • Illusory Orb manacost from 150 to 120
  • Dream Coil (Aghanim's) will now knockback heroes to the center of the coil if the leash is anyhow broken or if the duration ends
  • Talon Queen STR from 15+1.7 to 18+1.8, Attack point from 0.43 -> 0.35
  • Space Orc Base damage from 54-58 to 49-54, armor from 3 to 1.2
  • Sieger base damage from 56-63 to 51-56
  • Meepo Movementspeed from 320 to 315
  • Luna STR from 15+1.9 to 18+2.1
  • Visage: STR from 22+2.4 to 20+2.1
  • Leshrac: STR from 19+2.3 to 19+1.9
  • Attack points of SF (0.5), DS (0.59), NA (0.46), BS (0.43), Sorceress (0.45), Fire Lord (0.43) down to 0.4

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