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Download DotA v6.83b LoD

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Please report bugs for this map here:
Bug report subforum


  • Terrain and shops locations at both bases changed
  • Fountains attack range increased to cover whole highground area
  • The following abilities no longer have restrictions when cast on Spell Immune Allies: Kunkka's X Marks The Spot and Warlock's Shadow Word
  • Morph no longer have 'single cast' - pressing skill / hotkey will turn autocast on or off
  • All antihack stuff moved out into mode "-ah". It will no longer spam selections in non-ah games.
  • -noneutrals no longer sub-mode but one of game modes "-nn" with the same functionality
  • Networth display become red if player can't buyback
  • Old-fashioned bottle-rune pickup no longer wastes bottle but refills it as well as activate rune
  • All bonus damage, provided by damage amplifiers, now shown overhead target
New Mode: RD, where you have to chose one of 14 random heroes with random skillsets. Pre-pick delay: 60 seconds. Pick time: 20 seconds. This mode can't be affected by stun limiters (-ls) but you can add 4/8/12/16 more heroes into pool via d2/d3/d4/d5. Note, that pre-initial spawn may take time on old PC. Totally 4 mins until first creep wave starts (1min start delay + 2 mins for picks 1-2-2-2-2-1 + 1min post-preparations)

New Hero: Ogre lord. Combines following skills:
  • New Bloodrage (increase unit's outcoming and incoming damage, while allowing it to heals from killed enemies); [A44X]
  • Bloodrite (AoE delayed nuke + silence); [A44Z]
  • Ante Up (single hero target, deals damage based on target's current gold); [A44U]
  • Cash In (single hero target, deals damage based on difference betwee target's and caster's gold, if target have more gold - provides gold for caster and target equal to this difference. Always stuns target for 1.5s.) [A44V]
New hero: Mammoth the Fire lord. Combines following skills:
  • Firewall (AoE slowing and damaging trap); [A451]
  • Fire Stomp (AoE stun with casting time and overhelming damage/stun duration (for non-ulti spell of course)); [A454]
  • Fireshow (passive Pulverize); [A45B -> QP26 (hidden)]
  • Inferno (active aoe-damage and enemy's damage reducing ability); [A456]
  • Respawn time rescaled from 4*Level to 5 + 3.8*Level (total is still 100 at level 25)
  • Melee/Ranged Barracks team bounty from 125/75 to 175/100 gold
  • Old Marksmanship gives primary attribute instead of agility only
  • Rupture damage type changed from direct HP removal to Pure, magic immune piercing (now it reflects back and doesn't affect invulnerable units)
  • Midnight pulse removed from spell pools again - too many issues
  • Infest now restores unit's mana when Mind control activated
  • Infesting out hotkey changed for Centaur and Wildkin from T to E [A459]
  • Mind control no longer use unit's cast point
  • Lightning Grapple also deals damage to units that are hit in the target area in a 250 AoE
  • Ethereal Blade can be double-clicked
  • Fixed Ethereal states couldn't be prolonged when item refreshed (Ghost / Ethereal blade)
  • Anchor Smash radius reduced from 400 to 375
  • Omnislash cast range reduced from 450 to 350
  • Chronosphere manacost increased from 150/200/250 to 150/225/300
  • Added Aghanim for Rooftrellen, allowing him to place Eye in the Forest which will deal damage and Overgrowth enemies on hero's cast (Eye: A01V, Overgrowth Upg: A44S). Enemy can see Wisp and visual effect if they have True Sight.
Utility Lobster stats:
STR: 18+1.5 -> 21+1.8
AGI: 18+3.1 -> 22+2.9
INT: 12+1.9 -> 16+1.9

AGI: 14+2.0 -> 16+2.0
INT: 11+1.1 -> 19+1.9
MS 290 -> 300

Space Orc:
Model size increased
Damage: 40-47 -> 54-58
STR: 17+2.4 -> 20+2.6
AGI: 13+1.9 -> 17+1.9
INT: 14+1.4 -> 17+1.7

  • Fixed potential problem of global fatal errors
  • Fixed Clarity restoring incorrect amount of mana
  • Fixed Quelling blade bonus damage being too low
  • Fixed buyback didn't prevent earning gold
  • Fixed Ring of Health and Perseverance get blocked by Armlet
  • Fixed Boots of Travel coult teleport almost to every single unit in game, including wards
  • Fixed Borrowed Time incorrect agha duration
  • Fixed multiple damage aplifiers affect each other
  • Fixed Old Marksmanship didn't provide bonus when learned while hidden via -sp
  • Fixed primary attribute detection can be confused by morph-abilities
  • Fixed leaver allows teammates to pick heroes faster than enemies
  • Fixed Supernova receives more than 1 damage under some conditions
  • Fixed Infest iteraction with empty bottle
  • Fixed Infest issues when hosting your own unit
  • Perfomance improved. If you still suffer of lags/spikes, please report that with replay file.
  • OHS: added -ah to all modes
  • rgc7 for rdd2s6ebzm
  • rgc8 for rdd2lsebzm

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