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Download DotA v6.79e LoD v4j

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v4j lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:


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* Fixed Assault Cuirass & Vladmir's Offering bonus armor not stacking
* Fixed not being able to level Permanent Invisibility when it is hidden with -SP
* Fixed being able to cast Track on creeps (didn't give bonus gold)
* Fixed a rare error with morphs that would cause heroes being lost completely
* Fixed Lifebreak, Overload rarely slowing the caster/allies
* Fixed Berseker Rage MS on level 4 not being 340
* Fixed consumables count reseting when changing courier form
* Fixed Borrowed Time CD rarely being reset
* Fixed being able to proc Aftershock endlessly with Conjure Image
* Fixed False Promise & Devour rarely having no CD
* Fixed being able to force units out of Chronosphere with Force Staff
* Fixed weapon-based effects such as Enchant Totem not properly being shown on Venomancer, Rooftrellen, Techies, TA, AA, Tiny
* Fixed a bug with lasthit gold texttags that could cause desync (also, Goblin's Greed bonus gold is no longer a separate +x gold tag)
* Fixed being able to pick Enchant Totem+Grow, Tidebringer+Walrus Punch outside of -BO mode
* Fixed Magnus tooltip, Nessaj INT, Alche AGI not being updated
* Fixed Midas sellcost not being updated
* Fixed Enchant Totem visual effect missing on some heroes that do not have a weapon attachment point (such as Rooftrellen)
* It is now possible to sell, pick & move items while they are on cooldown (like Boots of Travel, Hand of Midas etc)
* Added a debuff to heroes that used buyback for the duration in which unreliable gold can't be earned
* Trueshot Aura is now based on your mainstat (now also works well on non-agi heroes)
* Added a ticking sound when the timer in the spell picking phase goes under 10 seconds
* New command -r# will reset the spell in the designated slot (# = number from 1-6, for example -r4 will remove your ultimate), only in spell picking phase
* New command -cam # will move the camera in or out, # goes from 1 - 3, can be decimal e.g. -cam 1.5 (-cam 1 or 0 will reset the camera). Do not use the -cam command at all if your computer can't handle 60+ FPS with the normal camera.
* Enchant Totem with Geminate Attack in -EB mode will now cause Enchant Totem to only give +100/125/150/175% extra damage

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