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Download DotA v6.79e LoD v4i

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v4i lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:


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* Fixed Jinada, Hunter in the Night, Shadow Razes & Liquid Fire not working correctly on Slot 5
* Fixed Power Cogs not giving any gold when killing them
* Fixed Reflection giving bonusses to range, damage etc if cast on a target with skills such as Take Aim, Psi Blades etc
* Fixed Arctic Burn rarely being permanent
* Fixed Devour not having a CD sometimes
* Fixed Charge of Darkness not counting as an disable for the "2 disables only" in -EB
* Fixed not being able to hide Jinada with -sp
* Fixed multicasting Overwhelming Odds causing fatal error
* Fixed taking an illusion rune while you are morphed and your Strength is below 2 causing fatal error
* Fixed Ice Blast's instant blast damage being too low when upgrading it with scepter
* Fixed Mud Golems providing less EXP than they should
* Fixed Dark Ritual not providing EXP
* Fixed Overload not slowing units in fog
* Fixed courier abilities giving flying vision for a short amount of time
* Fixed Nether Strike, Kelen's Dagger, Morph tooltips
* Fixed Return, Counter Helix & Moment of Courage proccing too much while you are in Shadow Dance
* Fixed Strygwyr's Thirst under 25% HP invis detection being inconsistent (flickering)
* Fixed Stifling Dagger crit value overhead of critted target being wrong
* Animal Courier can now be upgraded to Flying Courier while it is outside of the base
* Added smooth healing for Urn regen
* Added note to Quelling Blade about it not stacking with Orb Effects & Buffplacers
* Mana Shield and Spell Steal now can't be picked together (buggy)
* Echo Slam will now always trigger a level 4 Aftershock even if you do not have Aftershock
* Added Multicast support for: Summon Wolves, Conjure Image, Diabolic Edict, Eye of the Storm, Pounce, Force of Nature, Call of the Wild
* Plague Wards will now always have Poison Sting even if you do not have it (level of sting is always equal to level of ward)
* Stifling Dagger will now always be able to crit even if you do not have Coup de Grace (cant crit on lvl 1 of Stifling Dagger, level 2 Stifling Dagger equals lvl 1 CdP, 3=2, 4=3)
* Nether Strike will now have a 0.4s cast time instead of 1.2; upgrading it with Scepter causes you to be magic immune while casting Nether Strike
* Enchant Totem with Sleight of Fist in -EB mode will now cause Enchant Totem to only give +100/125/150/175% extra damage
* Enchant Totem in -EB mode will now only give 100/125/150/175% bonus damage if you have Jinada, Tidebringer or Sleight of Fist
* Normalized the stats, base damage and castpoints of a lot of heroes
(new values:)

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