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Download DotA v6.79d LoD v4h

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v4h lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:


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* Fixed taking Healing Salve or Tango of Essifation from a hero that has left the game causing freezes
* Fixed some waves of Firestorm dot only dealing 1 DPS
* Fixed enemies having vision of lane-creeps dominatined with Helm of the Dominator
* Fixed Arctic Burn morph staying permanently
* Fixed Warpath not having a visual
* Fixed Dark Ritual & Enchant Totem tooltips
* Fixed Sadist not giving x10 bonus when killing heroes
* Fixed Icepath being too long
* Fixed Nether Blast damaging too early
* Fixed Illusions not having Grow! size
* Fixed casting Focus Fire, then getting stunned resulting in the order to cast Focus Fire being lost
* Fixed being able to crit Backstab damage
* Fixed Crippling Fear always acting like it is day
* Fixed Geomagnetic Grip not counting as an disable for the "2 disables only" in -LS /-3LS
* Fixed being able to use Primal Split while using Sleight of Fist
* Fixed ultimates upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter not showing up correctly in the observer scoreboard
* You may now level up Devour and Fire Spirits even while the spells are active
* Leveling Summon Spirit Bear will no longer respawn the Bear, now it adds the bonuses on the existing unit (to keep existing control groups)
* -ready and -reset command (in spell-pick-phase) will now have a 4s cooldown between usage to prevent lag-abuse
* Aghanim's Scepter in -S6 will now only in -BO affect both ultimates
* Remade the way Clarity, Healing Salve, Bottle, Tango of Essifation and Rune of Regeneration handle MP/HP regeneration to make it more smooth (similar to dota2)
* When morphing into True Form (Syllabear) you will now have 295 ms instead of 280 ms
* In -EB mode, Enchant Totem will now only give 50/75/100/125% extra damage if you have Jinada, Walrus Punch or Tidebringer.
* -LS and -LS3 modes will now limit amount of disables a team can pick to 7
* Added -3ls mode to HCL short-mode rgc2

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