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Download DotA v6.79c LoD v4d

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v4d lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:


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* Fixed Greater Bash causing crashes/malfunctioning
* Fixed Invoker spells not shuffling correctly in -SD
* Fixed Multicast affecting some items
* Fixed Multicast chance being too high
* Fixed Goblin's Greed extra gold visually being inside the lasthit gold
* Fixed Spiderlings created by Spawn Spiderlings not spawning any Spiderites
* Fixed Chakram manacost not being updated
* Fixed Phantom Edge and/or Juxtapose not working
* Fixed Hunter in the Night staying active on you when dying in -DM
* Made some optimizations to Strygwyr's Thirst, general FPS in games with Strygwyr's Thirst picked should be better now
* Fixed Frozen Sigil bounty not being correct
* Fixed when attacking Nether Ward or Frozen Sigil you would lose the target after 1 hit
* Fixed False Promise & Purifying Flames not being correctly pickable together
* Fixed EMP mana drain not working
* Fixed Ice Path stun being slightly too long
* Fixed Pulse Nova not dealing damage on its first tick
* Fixed Demonic Purge not dealing damage
* Fixed not being able to cast Amplify Damage on siege units
* Fixed Ethereal Blade using an incorrect mainstat for damage calculation
* Fixed EMP and False Promise not stacking with each other correctly
* Fixed Boulder Smash and Eye of the Storm tooltips not being updated
* Fixed Aftershock -EB version not working at all
* Aftershock -EB version CD from 1.85s to 1.6s
* Permanent Invisibility will now also reveal the caster in normal mode (now only not-reveals the caster in -BO)

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