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Download DotA v6.79 LoD v3n

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v3n lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:


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* Added a -reset command that can ONLY be used in skillpickphase, reseting all skills you currently picked
* Fixed an abuse that involves leaving map boundaries resulting in amplified damage on some spells
* Fixed Invoker's icon being wrong
* Fixed not being able to upgrade your ultimate(s) with Aghanim's Scepter if you swapped heroes
* Fixed Dust not working
* Fixed some targeting issues with Shadow Dance, allies can now buff the Shadow Dance'd hero, spell cooldowns are no longer refreshed in Shadow Dance
* Fixed Tether and Frost Armor tooltips not being updated
* Fixed Relocate countdown being visible for enemies
* Fixed Frost Armor permanently slowing
* Truesight no longer counters Leap's evade
* Fixed being able to give move commands for Homing Missile
* Fixed Boulder Smash not working on enemies
* Fixed Kraken Shell not working in slot 5
* Fixed Town Portal Scroll proccing stuff like Multicast, Fiery Soul etc
* Aphotic Shield is now castable on Doomed units but it does not remove any buffs
* Fixed Track still awarding bounty even if it was dispelled
* Fixed Shadow Poison not working on Disrupted units
* Glyph of Fortification now blocks every damage by 100% instead of reducing it to ~0.5 damage
* Fixed Headdress Aura not working on ancient player units (Primal Split pandas, Spirit Bear, etc)
* Fixed some issues with Hunter in the Night that could lead to fatal errors
* During Primal Split, Earth Panda will inherit Gem of Truesight effect
* Backstab is now added to the unit's attack and not on attack swing
* Hand of Midas is now instant (no longer throws a projectile)
* Fixed Sentry Wards showing +0g when you kill them
* Fixed illusions not showing passive icons they inherited
* Fixed Eye of Skadi not having a visual
* Fixed Manabreak not showing its visual and sound effect on melee heroes
* Dealing more damage than a units maximum HP does not override Shallow Grave and Borrow Time anymore
* Dark Ritual and Essence Aura will now add the correct amount of mana when they trigger with full mana
* In -EB, Jinada will now only crit for 1.25/1.45/1.65/1.85x if you have Grow
* In -EB, Permanent Invisbility will still reveal you on spellusage

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