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Download DotA v6.79 LoD v3i

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v3i lod beta

Disclaimer: This is a beta map!

Please report bugs for this beta map here:


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* Added remaining 6.79 content (view it here; Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit, Legion Commander, Phoenix, Terrorblade)
* Vampiric Aura is no longer restricted to melee heroes
* Fixed bonusses from Armlet staying permanently when putting Armlet on the ground while it is active
* Fixed losing Armlet bonus when morphing
* Fixed killing illusions showing +0g
* Fixed not being able to cast Linkens on magic immune allies
* Fixed Fatal Bonds not linking any units past the original target when used on a lane creep
* Fixed still being able to see a hero that is in Shadow Dance
* Fixed items not stacking when bought into shared allied courier
* Fixed Flying Courier being available 3 minutes after hero picks instead of 3 minutes after creep spawn
* Fixed Mortal Strike visually changing into Bash when using -sp
* Fixed Essence Aura still proccing from Items
* Fixed Culling Blade reseting cooldown even on creep kills
* Fixed not being able to channel spells or items while Omnislash (e.g.: may now TP while omnislash)
* Fixed Spin Web model being inaccurate
* Fixed Flesh Heap not working when it is hidden
* Fixed Holy Persuasion having no creep limit and not granting bonus HP to persuaded units
* Changed default hotkey on Dispell (Storm Panda) from D to E to avoid conflicts with Drunken Haze

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