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  • Submitted: Oct 18 2013 10:35 AM
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Download DotA v6.78c LoD v3e

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v3e lod

Please report bugs for this map here:

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* Fixed Omnislash not working
* Fixed CDs of slot 6 ultimates not showing correctly in the scoreboard
* Fixed Battle Trance having an outdated cooldown in the scoreboard
* Fixed losing the Cleave from Empower when morphing
* Fixed some malfunctions with Frostmourne + Transformations
* Fixed Dark Rift visual incorrectly staying on the target
* Fixed Aphotic Shield ending too early in some cases
* Fixed Anchor Smash sometimes leaving the debuff permanently
* Removed -ls from /ap/sd/md HCL scripts/modes
* Fixed Spirit Bear's 'Return' (Blink) not working
* Fixed Rearm in slot 6 sometimes being reset to level 1
* Fixed Trueshot Aura being global on range creeps
* Implemented Hunter in the Night for s5 and s6 modes again, but it cannot be picked in slot 5 (must be picked in slots 1-3)
* Improved functionality on Shukuchi. Orb-effects and buff placers are now applied on the hit that breaks Shukuchi invisibility
* Fixed some minor bugs with Borrowed Time, should generally work more like in DotA now
* Fixed old DotA bug in -DM mode where dying with a bottled rune resulted in the bottle-slot to become unusuable
* Fixed Aftershock stun being incosistent with Blink Strike

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